Modeler Forms required/read-only checked both problem


It is a minor issue.

I have a form1 for user task1 with field1 which is required.
If I have a form2 for user task2 where field1 contains value from user task1.
So far so good…

But if field1 in form2 field1 is set as read-only and also required, task cannot be completed with error “Form field [field1] is required, but no value was found”.


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So you’re actually creating a field and marking the Required and Read Only flag simultaneously? If yes it should not work anyway, because Read Only blocks editing and Required requires editing if not the complete button is blocked.
Or are you using a field with ID field1 on form1 and reusing it on form2? In this case it presents the same error, but is there any reason for you to reuse a field and mark it as Read Only and Required? Mark as Read Only would not have the desired effect of just showing the value already reported?

Hello Robson,

I just found this bug when I was creating form for input values and wanted to have in next form the same fields, that next user can see values. So I made a copy of form and just mark as read only fields and didn’t care about required flag.

Therefore I noted that it is just minor bug.
There is no reason to use it together for me.

But maybe there could be a case with scheduled task/external app which will set a value for field which is required but not editable for user, who can in meantime work on form and prepare(save) it. And when value came then complete the task.


My feeling is that if the Read-only checkbox is selected, then the Required checkbox should be disabled. If there’s some external process (or custom javascript) setting a value in a read-only view, I think the Required behaviour would be a weak validation check (and not at all intuitive).

But you’re right, it’s a relative minor bug.