Flowable modeler forms - field conditional display/required


is there a possibility to have conditional display fields and required flag in modeler forms?

e.g. If value 1 is selected for radio button FIELD1 then show text field FIELD2.
If value 2 is selected for FIELD1 then show text field FIELD3

e.g. If value in text field FIELD1 is yes then FIELD2 is required.
If value in text field FIELD1 is not yes, then FIELD2 is not required.


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There is currently no such feature. But it’s very important to me and I’m starting an attempt to create it. Are you Brazilian? Are you interested and willing to contribute to the creation of this resource? A lot of JavaScript is used to create the visibility conditions of the fields.

Hello Robson,

not Brazilian, but slovak :wink:

Maybe I will check it. Do you have some advices how to start?


I have a little idea how starting.
Next week I return from my vacation at work and can give you what I could do to try to work together.

Did you do it? :smiley:

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