Can we change the behavior of the form field based on running task any one of the properties?

I have one process like (Start)—>(Processing)—>(Stop).

I have one form also and it contains different fields like:

  1. Textbox.
  2. Radio buttons. values: (one, two, three)
  3. Checkboxes. values:(A,B,C)
  4. Dropdown. values:(1,2,3,4)

Processing is my current running task.

So from my project, I am getting form fields using the currently running task id.
and I have also got all fields and it is rending as expected.

But what I want to do is based on the currently running task instance I want to change the field behavior.

This means when I render textbox I don’t want to render as a text box but I want to render as a textarea based on any identifier from the currently running task.

The reason behind this if we change the textbox to textarea in flowable modeler form every time we have to do manually update, save, and deploy.

To overcome this manual process we need to do something like this.

So if anyone has some ideas about the above issue?