Flowable-Task: no rendering of formProperties in user task


I am trying to use simple formProperties in a user Task in Flowable 6.1.2 (see below).
However, the form input fields are not rendered (anymore) in flowable-task application when displaying the user Task.

Is this a bug, an engine misconfiguration, or did I miss something else?

Thanks for any hint!!

Kind regards, Daniel

<userTask id="sid-923DC245-2C5B-4CFD-B6C8-FB76D0DD5B32" name="Test This" flowable:assignee="${initiator}">
        <flowable:formProperty id="new_property_1" name="User Name" type="string" variable="userName"></flowable:formProperty>
        <modeler:activiti-idm-initiator xmlns:modeler="http://flowable.org/modeler"><![CDATA[true]]></modeler:activiti-idm-initiator>
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Hi, does anybody give me a hint please?

I know, in Flowable 6, there are new Form models / definitions which should be used.
However, in an adhoc workflow, using formProperty in a userTask is just simpler and most times sufficient.

Just for my understanding: is the rendering of those in Flowable-Task application not supported anymore and replaced by Form definitions, or is it a bug, or browser issue, or …?

I did search a lot but did not find an appropriate answer yet regarding this issue.

Any hint will be highly appreciated.


Hi Daniel,

With Flowable 6 we still have support for form properties but not in the Flowable Task application. The Flowable task application only supports the new JSON based form models that you can design with the Flowable Modeler app. The JSON based form models offer a lot more flexibility and possibilities than the form properties approach.

Best regards,