Flowable Design : custom validation on a field


I have in a form, two fields : radio button and a second field which is a text field.

If the radio button is on FALSE / No => the text field appears AND must be filled
If the radio button is TRUE / Yes => text field is invisible

The point is i want to make a custom validation.

If the text field is invisible, validation is unnecessary.
If the text field is visible because radio button is on FALSE, i would like to check if text field is filled with something.

I’ve tried a few syntax, i don’t find the good one which works. Is there something i dont understand ?

{{accepterDemande == 0 | motif == “”}} => “Error message”

Could you help me please ?

Best regards


What error message do you get? Does it work with a simple check like {{accepterDemande == 0}}?

Thanks for you replying

I get a message at the top of the form like “form has mistakes, please fix it”
It works with the alone condition {{accepterDemande == 0}}

I have the same message when i try a little more complicated validation but it does not work in the way i wish. I mean it does not validates the field as expected