Task frontend: Save button and required fields

Having a Save button in addition to Complete allows users to do part of the work on a task, save it and return to complete it later.

Required fields allow the designer to mandate what information users must provide.

Unfortunately one can’t have both of these benefits, because the Save button is disabled under the same conditions as the Complete button, in particular if any required fields are empty. It’s not possible to supply some of the required data, save and return later to supply the rest. If users add dummy data so they can save, the benefit of marking required fields is lost, and they may accidentally finalize bad data.

Is there a necessity for this design that I’m missing? Or could the !model.valid test be safely removed from form_save_button (but retained in form_complete_button)?

Hi Ross,
As far as I know there is no reason other than to match the Complete button status.
Should be safe to remove the !model.valid from the save_button definition in form-template.html