Submit Task Form Data - No validation?

Hi all,

Let’s say I have a task that contains a form. This form has fields that are all required.

When I’m working with the Flowable Task application and I try to complete the form without filling out all of the required fields, there is validation that correctly identifies the fields that I need to fill out and will not let me submit.

I want to do the same thing via API. Reading through the docs, I found this endpoint:

What I found is that I can call it with only the task id like so:


{"taskId" : "94953825-1d14-11ea-8597-7e2b0e62a83b}

I get a 204 and no body returned as a response. I check my process and find out that the task has been completed, despite me not entering any form details.

Can someone explain why this call went through when I chose to omit the properties/fields form the body? Can you bypass the validation when using the REST call? If so, would I have to perform the validation myself?

Also, according to the documentation, I should be getting either a 200 or 400 response. Is there a reason I get a 204 instead?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Trying to see if the documentation is outdated, or if I need to be using a different endpoint to fill out task forms / complete the task.


The Flowable engine itself does not do any validation. Form fields are process variable for the engine (it doesn’t make a distinction). So if you do a complete task REST call without variables (what is happening here), it will go through without any check. If I recall correctly, Flowable Task only has basic checks (like required) built-in.