GET form correspinding to Task

GET form for Task

Hi there!

This is my very first post in this forum so I’ll try to make it a good one.

At this moment, to GET the form I need to fill out I:

  • GET /runtime/tasks
    I save the processDefinitionId, and formKey that I get from the task
  • GET /repository/process-definitions/{processDefinitionId}/form-definitions
    I filter out the form I need using the formKey and saves the formId
  • GET /form-repository/form-definitions/{formDefinitionId}/resourcedata

Now, I can finally see the form to which I have to fill out to be able to finish the task.

The process on how I obtain the form to which the task I need to complete, is in my opinion, too complicated and requires way to many calls to the flowable API to get something as simple as the form I need to fill out to complete a task.

Help me flowable forum, you’re my only hope.

You’re right, in fact you could go from the task directly to the form model by the key. I believe the Java API allows this, but the REST API doesn’t,

What’s your use case? Displaying the form model when selecting a task from a list?

Thanks for the reply @joram

Why hasn’t this been implemented in the REST API if it’s implemented in the Java API?

Yes, a user will click on a task, if that task is to fill out a form, that form should be shown.

Is there a solution to get the corresponding form to a taskid with a simple rest Request?