Link from taskid to form-instance

I’m trying to link from a taskId to a form-instance to a form-definition to the form model. My problem is stepping from a taskId to the form-instance.

I get the taskId from with post data {“start”:0,“size”:100,“assignee”:“gerard”}

This gives me 4 taskIds and I see 4 tasks in the UI, so that matches.

Step 2:
Then I get a list of all form-instances using
This returns “size”:108 entries, so I have them all. [I’ve also tried passing taskId=xxxx as a query parameter on this call, but that returns an empty list of form-instances, and just confuses things].

However, NONE of the form-instance.taskId values from Step2 match any of my taskId values from Step1.

I must be doing something wrong, but I’m totally stumped. Are there different KINDS of taskIds?

Isn’t this, what you’re looking for? GET form correspinding to Task

Thanks so much for the pointer. I have it working now.

Note however, that the API in the second step is not described in the docs. Can someone please update the docs with this API
GET /repository/process-definitions/{processDefinitionId}/form-definitions