Issue with Setting Readable Property in Flowable Form via Expression


I’m encountering an issue with Flowable forms where setting the readable property through an expression does not seem to work as expected. Here’s the scenario:

I’m using the expression readable="${shouldRead}" to dynamically set the readable property. Despite setting the shouldRead variable to either true or false, there’s no change in the form’s behavior. Interestingly, directly assigning readable="true" or readable="false" works as expected.

Here’s the snippet of my code for reference:

        <activiti:formProperty id="name" name="Enter the name" type="string" default="${defaultName}" writable="true" readable="${shouldRead}"></activiti:formProperty>

Can anybody offer insights into what might be going wrong? Any suggestions or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Can you explain what you mean with ‘no change in the form’s behavior’? Which API’s are you using.

Also not that the form properties (where the properties are included in the XML) have been deprecated for a while.

Thanks for the reply. Setting the property “readable” to true should make the form field appear in the form of the user task. Similarly “false” would hide the field. This works as intended if I use the strings “true” or “false”. If expressions are used which contains the value true or false, this doesn’t work as intended and would show the default behaviour as if readable value is not set.