Deploy design artifacts to server without using publish

Hi Team,

We wanted to deploy designer artifacts to server without using publish button available in flowable design. Is thee any way we can achieve that?

Appreciate your response

Regards, Bibhu

Sure, you’d need to use the REST API of the runtime system to export + deploy (that’s what the publish button does behind the scenes).

Thanks for the reply.

For deployment is that the REST URL you are referring?

For Export I do not find anything similar, could you please refer which one?

Indeed, a POST to /repository/deployments with the deployable zip as a multipart in the request.

Note that the ‘flowable-rest’ part depends on which product you’re running this. flowable-rest is the one from the open-source task app or REST api app.

(Assuming Design, as you’ve said in the other post you’re using Design)
The export API is : /editor/app-models/key/{appKey}/export