What is the use of the rest api POST /repository/models?

Can any one in the group here explain what is the use of the POST /repository/models api. From modeler when create the process it call POST /flowable-modeler/app/rest/models but the when we call
GET /repository/models api then it is not listing the model which is created from modeler and only listing the models created through the swagger POST rest api .
Could you please tell me what is the difference between both.

This is a legacy endpoint (API). Earlier, generic models could be saved through the repository service. However, Flowable Modeler is a standalone tool now and doesn’t need any engine to run (which was the case before) and uses it’s own storage endpoints.

Even I’m facing the same issue whats the way to get the list of all models in flowable modeler??

Then, can you please tell me how can we achieve process model to be saved but not published through flowable-rest?
As with modeler it is very clear, create save and publish but here in flowable-rest there is one api called POST repository/deployment which is publishing the process i believe.

No, that is not possible. What is your use case for this? Flowable-rest is about runtime execution, so it doesn’t have a way to only store something and not deploying it.

If your models are deployed you can create Process Definition Query to get list of models.

Yes POST repository/deployment publishes the model and creates process definition.