How to get Process list via Flowable REST API

Hi, I am trying to CRUD activity via REST API with postman, but noticed something weird.
After creating new Process, it would be saved in the ACT_DE_MODEL table.
But when trying to get Processes lists via REST API (repository/models), it never worked, of course because repository/models api uses ‘ACT_RE_MODEL’ table. Then I tried to find other api to use ACT_DE_MODEL table, but nothing found. So anyone can help what I want to do?

Regards, Jinsol

With creating do you mean deploy? Or created in the Flowable 6 modeler?

In the first case you can find your models via a GET to /repository/process-definitions

Not quiet for sure, because I am newbie to Flowable, but it would be more closer to ‘created in the Flowable 6 modeler’. Then will I still can find models via GET to/repository/process-definitions?

But the model data are still saved in the de_model table, so still not working.
Only re_model table data can be found from repository, right?