Flowable REST Application - Retrieve Models

Does flowable-rest work for models created with flowable-modeler?

When I create a BPMN model with flowable-modeler application I can not retrieve it with the flowable-rest application.

http://localhost:8080/flowable-rest/service/repository/models never returns anything.

When I use flowable-modeler to add the model to an application and deploy it, I can retrieve it with flowable-rest by calling:


I took a short look at the flowable-modeler source code and it does not seem to be using the repository/models REST API from flowable-rest.

I’m using flowable 6.4.1 by the way.

See: Flowable’s REST API - Part 1

Hi Rob,

thanks for the link.

I do see the flowable-rest application used anywhere in your block post, so this does not answer my question.

Hey Pascal,

I am not sure that I am following the question entirely.

The flowable-modeler application is an entirely standalone application that has its own database persistence. This means that the only way for you to see the models in flowable-rest is to publish them from the modeler.


Thanks Filip,

that helped me a lot.

So flowable-modeler is using the ACT_DE_MODEL tables while the models part of flowable-rest uses the ACT_RE_MODEL table.

When an app is deloyed using flowable-modeler the models are persisted in the ACT_APP_DEPLOYMENT_RESOURCE table. Therefore the ACT_RE_MODEL table remains empty and queries to flowable-rest do not return any models.


I have same use-case. I want to get the published process using REST, then use one of process to create process-instance.

Could you please suggest the REST API for mentioned scenario…