Load models from Flowable Modeler

How can I load a Model deployed from the Modeler?
In ACT_DE_MODEL table I see my bpmn20.xml entry displayed but

repositoryService.createModelQuery (). modelKey (“xxx”).list()

doesn’t return values because in the log I see that it queries ACT_RE_MODEL

I have also tried loading model with ddbb id value directly

repositoryService.getModelEditorSource (<ddbb_id>)

but result is null.

Could anyone tell me something about this?


That’s correct. The Modeler has its own api to retrieve the models, the RepositoryService model query is doing queries against the ACT_RE_MODEL table, which is a different one. The Flowable Modeler also has a REST API you could use to get the model info and JSON.

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Hi tijs, the models present in modeler can be accessed from modelRepository right?

Yes, the ModelRepository (https://github.com/flowable/flowable-engine/blob/master/modules/flowable-ui-modeler/flowable-ui-modeler-logic/src/main/java/org/flowable/ui/modeler/repository/ModelRepository.java) can access those.

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Hi @joram
I used
modelRepository.findByKeyAndType( processDefinitionKey, AbstractModel.MODEL_TYPE_BPMN )
to get models currently present in ACT_DE_MODEL, but this returns empty list if I make changes to already present model in modeler.

Okay so after debugging I found that tenantId was getting modified when updating model and hence this query was not able to find the model in modeler.