Fetching and updating Flowable model XML using Spring Boot flowable engine

Hello everyone, I’m currently working on implementing an API with Spring Boot and the Flowable engine.
I’m facing issues while fetching a model’s XML based on its ID or key and .then updating it to deploy the model(publish it to the app).

I have tried to fetch the model using the RepositoryService,
for example, Model model = (Model) processEngine.getRepositoryService().getModel(modelId); // this returns null.
I have also tried using createModelQuery().modelId(modelId) or key, but no luck.

The issue seems to be related to the act_re_model repository table in the database, which is empty for me. All my model data is in the act_de_model table (deployed).

I have gone through similar posts where they suggest using the modelRepositoryService, which is a part of the Flowable Modeler service and not a public API.

Can someone please help me out with this? I’m stuck and would appreciate any guidance or assistance. Thank you.

@joram @tijs