Edit deployed Bpmnxml using flowable API?

can we edit deployed Bpmnxml using flowable API??

Yes, you can update a model using both Java API and REST API.

Please check REST API documentation on deployment and models, available here https://www.flowable.org/docs/userguide/index.html#_deployment. Roughly speaking, you would need to do a PUT over repository/models/{modelId}.

If you want to use Java API, you would be probably interested on RepositoryService and method saveModel.

Just to clarify some things here. The Model @luisbelloch is referring to is just some metadata and it is not used internally within Flowable.

From what I could understand @maheshkaware wants to change the XML of the deployed process definition. This is not possible as a Process Definition is immutable. In order to change it one needs to do a new deployment. This can be done programatically by getting the BpmnModel through the RepositoryService#getBpmnModel, modifying it and then doing a new deployment via the DeploymentBuilder.

Over REST this can be done by doing a POST on /repository/deployments with the BPMN XML as part of the multipart form data. Have a look at Create a new deployment from documentation.