Use Flowable REST for app publishing in Flowable Modeler

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I would like to know the value that we have to assign to the property “deployment.api.url” in, to use flowable REST instead of flowable task REST API for app publishing in flowable modeler.

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By default it’s this:


So basically, it needs to have the server + context (flowable-task is the name of the war, process-api the name of the dispatcher servlet mapping). The deployment endpoint will be added automatically.

Thank you for your answer joram. I tried to replace /flowable-task/process-api by flowable-rest/service but I always have this error :
" Invalid deploy result code: HTTP/1.1 401 unauthorised" when I try to publish an app in flowable-modeler UI.

I think that the problem comes from the username and password used for publish request. The username “kermit” and the password “kermit” would be better, do you know how can I change the default username and the default password?

You can change the user/password that is used to do the deployment with the following properties;


Thank you joram it works :slight_smile: