Changing the App Deployment URL


I have a deployed the flowable rest api (spring boot starter rest) on a specific server:port1. I have my UI Applications running on a different port (port2) on the same server.

I have changed all the URLs in the Admin application to point to the Spring Boot Flowable Rest Api Server port1. This is working fine and I am able to view any process that I deploy to the process folder (under resources folder) in my Process Modeler and Admin UI applications.

I also changed the property in the flowable modeler WAR file (WEB-INF\classes\flowable-default properties file) to point to server:port1 so that when I deploy an app from the Process Modeler UI application, it is successfullyu deployed.

However, the deployment is not successful. In the Google developer tools, I see that a http POST is being done to URL http://server:port2/flowable-modeler/app/rest/models/5367f489-978f-11e9-b64b-00155d6f9b3f. This seems to be based on a setting in WEB-INF\classes\static\scripts\configuration\url.config.js file in the modeler WAR directory structure.

What am I doing wrong? How can I deploy the app from server:port2 (running UI applications) to server:port:1 (running Flowable Spring Boot Rest API)?

Thank you.


Hey Sunil,

The deployment from the Flowable Modeler UI Application is happening from the backend. The Flowable UI Modeler calls its own backend to trigger a publish. The POST you are seeing is for creating a model for editing. The publish is being triggered in the app by doing a POST to /rest/app-definitions/{modelId}/publish. This then uses the to publish the app to the engine.


Hi Filip,

As I mentioned in my post:

Am I changing this property in the correct location? If so, what else should I do to make it work?


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please have a look here;

How are you running the apps? If you have them deployed on for example Tomcat it’s perhaps easier to place a file in the <tomcat>/lib folder. Here you can define your properties.