No "Create deployments artifacts" menu entry in eclipse

Hi everyone,

I tried to create a BAR file to deploy it to my flowable installation. I installed the flowable eclipse designer as described at

But I don’t get the menu entry “Create deployment artifacts”. Currently I am using eclipse oxygen.
I also tried it with eclipse neon, because as mentioned in the flowable docs it is officially supported by the flowable designer plugin. But the same result here, I don’t get the menu entry.

I appreciate any ideas. :slight_smile: Thanks in advance.

Hi Thomas,

You need to switch to the Flowable perspective to get that menu entry if I remember correctly.

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Hi Tijs,

I tried the Flowable perspective in eclipse neon and oxygen, but the entry isn’t there. Is there maybe another possibility to generate the bar file?

Many thanks,

I found the solution. The only perspective I haven’t tried was the spring perspective and there the menu entry is shown and it seems like to work.

Many thanks for your help. :smiley:

I found it from here: Flowable perspective => Package Explorer