Adding Flowable Designer as a one of Web Page

i am new to flowable and instead of designing workflow diagrams in eclipse ide, i am trying to add designer into my web application to update diagram at run time.
How can i make a flowable designer as a web page/application?


Please see the Flowable Modeler application for a web based version instead of using the Eclipse IDE version.

Thanks dbmalkovsky, let me try on this.

@dbmalkovsky, i need to have “flowable designer” to create/edit workflow diagrams and deploy at run-time and which allow me to include new buttons to deploy.
I need to include this designer page in my jsp file or as one my web page in application.

You’d have to include the web modeler (written in angular) in your jsp, but we don’t have any example for doing that (and haven’t tried it).

@joram - can you give link to the angular page you mentioned in the above comment.

Thank you

This is the source to the modeler Angualr app that Joram was referring to:


Hi @PHH,

Thanks for the quick turn around. But this link looks like a java application rather than angular project.

Am i missing anything?

The Modeler is a Spring Boot app with the frontend written in AngularJS (source), while the backend is written in Java. All of which is spread through several sub modules in link @PHH provided.


Oh I see that… Thank you.

I’m looking for the source for the AngularJS part of the Modeler, but the links provided above no longer work. Where can I find that source?


you can find that here; flowable-engine/modules/flowable-ui/flowable-ui-modeler-frontend at main · flowable/flowable-engine · GitHub