Modeler recommendation for embedding in our Angular / Node JS application

Hello Flowable Team, We are evaluating any other option other than or BPMN JS to embed into our application (Angular, Node) for designing complex processes and execute them. BPM and status is a key underlying need in this application. This in turn will work with Flowable engine. Couple of questions:

  1. Any possibility to use the Flowable Modeler for this? If so, can you please point us in the right direction on how to do this and where to look.

  2. If not, is there a recommendation of anything with an Apache or MIT license?


Hi Suj,

The Flowable Modeler is an Angular JS based application, so yes you can embed it into your application. I don’t know what kind of direction you are looking for. The code can be found here:

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Can anybody please provide the github link to get the source code for integrating flowable modeler into a custom angular UI application. Please help

The githb link is not accesible


The apps have been consolidated with the 6.6.0 release; see this forum post.

Thanks @dbmalkovsky

Can you please suggest if there is way to integrate the modeler with our custom spring boot application

Just to give an idea,the requirement is as below

We have a angular UI and backend microservices developed in Spring boot application.
Once the user logs in into this application. He should be able to model the workflow and deploy the same.
Is there any way where we can integrate only the modeler piece with our custom UI so that the user is able to configure the workflow and then we plan to use this xml to be deployed to server with the help of Flowable API.

Any pointers or guidance in this direction will be really helpful. Thanks