Upgrade handsontable to latest version

Hi, I was trying to use a decision table in decision table editor, where the input columns were more than 10. When using such decision table, I came across few issues, one of those is when I scroll horizontally, something like this happens

I’m thinking if I upgrade handsontable to latest version, I might get rid of these issues.
Just wanted to know how complex will it be to upgrade handsontable version while using flowable version 6.4.1

Ideally, there aren’t many input columns, but it could happen if someone wants to do automation and hence wants to include most of the conditions in one table.

Hi Akki,

apart from complexity. Handsontable changed their license model starting at version 7.0.0;


That prevents us from using these versions. There are some specific ‘quirks’ with the version we use; but the requirement you have should be doable.


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