Version upgrade in production environment(6.5.0 to)

Hello, colleagues
We have applied Flowable version 6.5 in the production environment, modified the configuration file, connected to the local MySQL database, and generated real data in the database. For some reason, we need to upgrade the production version, upgrade the version and migrate the data.
So, I tried to deploy both versions of Flowable in the local environment. The first thing I found was that after initialization, version 6.5 had 86 tables, and version 6.6 had 87 tables. In 6.6, ACT_DMN_Decision_Table was deleted. The ACT_DMN_DECISION and ACT_RU_EXTERNAL_JOB are added, and there are many operations for updating data table fields.
So, would like to ask, this situation of upgrade and migration, what should I do ?

Flowable does auto-upgrade if you enable schema management. Between two major versions, it’s normal that there are database changes. These are always tested and QA’d on all supported databases.