Flowable spring boot application along with ui modeler


I have created a rest boot application having process & dmn files as xml.

Now our use case is business team should be able to update the rules in the decision table independently through flowable modeler UI and that should automatically get deployed in the spring boot app. How can I achieve this?


you can deploy the decision table separately for example using the REST API.

By default the decision task resolves the decision table by key (and is not limited to the same deployment). This means that deploying a new version with the same key will result in the process executing the new version.

Hope this helps.


Shared link is for open source version. I have my process and decision table deployed in enterprise edition. How can I pass the input variables and start the process in engage using the rest API . I am using the trial flowable enterprise setup. Do I need to deploy additional war like Flowable-rest?

Hey @tarunbansal,

The Enterprise application exposes the same REST API as the open source.

In any case this forum is about Flowable Open Source. If you have questions about the enterprise applications please us our Enterprise Forum or the Service Desk. We would like to separate the 2 forums.