Accessing a decision table with Spring boot

Is there currently a way to execute a decision table with Spring Boot?

Looking through the APIs, I saw no way of doing this through the RuntimeService, so after poking around I saw there is a DmnRuleService.

I put my XYZ.dmn file in resources/processes (similar to the .bpmn20.xml file) and attempted to Autowire the DmnRulesService similar to the RuntimeService, but upon starting the application I receive the error

“No qualifying bean of type ‘org.flowable.dmn.api.DmnRuleService’ available”

After I saw that error, I looked at the dependencies that were brought in. From just the flowable-spring-boot-starter-basic dependency, it looks like just the flowable-dmn-api dependency was being brought in.

I then noticed on this blog post

That the additional dependencies flowable-dmn-engine and flowable-dmn-engine-configurator were used in the example, so I added those two dependencies in:

compile (group: ‘org.flowable’, name: ‘flowable-dmn-engine’, version:"{flowableVersion}") {exclude module: 'slf4j-log4j12'} compile (group: 'org.flowable', name: 'flowable-dmn-engine-configurator', version:"{flowableVersion}")
{exclude module: ‘slf4j-log4j12’}

After doing that and attempting to run, I get the error:

Cannot find changelog location: class path resource [db/changelog/db.changelog-master.yaml] (please add changelog or check your Liquibase configuration)

What am I doing wrong here? Is it just not supported?

Also is there any documentation on the decision tables?


Currently the DMN engine configuration / initialization is not present in the Spring Boot projects.
We would like to have it in there with the final 6.0 release.
If you have ideas or suggestions on what would be the preferred Spring Boot way to do this; please let us know.

One of the items on the 6.0 release todo list is updating the documentation. The DMN documentation is part of this.



Thank you for the reply.

I would just like it to be as easy as the existing process is for putting the .bpmn files in a resources/processes directory.

Is there any timeline as to when the 6.0 final will be released, or another RC that might include this functionality (even without the updated docs)?


Was this implemented in the latest version? I need to access the decision table to get the result from my inputs. Can I get this result from Flowable Rest Api or how should I get it?