Decision Tables deployed through REST not available in Modeler

If we deploy a decision table to Flowable using REST end point, How can we view/edit it in modeler application? I cannot see the decision table in modeler application. I was thinking if we deploy a decision table using REST, I can access the blueprint in the modeler/editor app. I would love to have a decision table be imported to modeler and then deployed to flowable, so that consistency is maintained.

Is there a way where we can “import” a decision table to Flowable using API ?

The Flowable Modeler uses it’s own persistence and is independent of the Flowable DMN tables.

You have 3 options to do the importing of your DMNs:

  • Manually through the UI and doing the import
  • Through the Cookie protected REST Endpoint /app/rest/decision-table-models/import-decision-table see (DecisionTableResource)
  • Provide a PR for the Modeler HTTP Basic protected api under /api see ApiModelsResource and get it in the next release :wink: