Unable to send email to external domain

I am using email task and I have setup and configured the email as required. Under flowable-task folder, I also changed the email settings as desired in flowable-default.properties file.
It is working fine when the email is being sent from someone@xyz.com to someother@xyz.com.

But, it fails when email is being sent from ‘xyz’ to ‘gmail’. I am not getting any errors while executing the email task and task also gets executed and even nothing comes up in the log. But, I do not receive any email on gmail.

Please help.

This does not feel like a Flowable problem, all it does is submit your mail to an SMTP server. My guess is that Gmail is filtering your email as SPAM.

thanks for your suggestion this help me to solve my issue

Hi William,

Nothing comes in spam in gmail. Do I need to open any ports from server where I have hosted my flowable services.

Unless your mail server is hosted on the same machine as Flowable, there should be no need to open ports. If your mail server is hosted on the same server as Flowable, or your mail server is self hosted on another machine for that matter, you are probably running into some Gmail security protections (there are many). If you configure a regular mail client (Thunderbird, Outlook, etc) with the same connection information are you able to send to Gmail?

If you are at a larger organization, you should contact your infrastructure team they’re likely running your internal mail servers. If you’re in a smaller organization, you might think about outsourcing your email services.