How to configure Email for Email Task in Flowable Modeler UI


I am getting started with Flowable and currently using the Flowable Modeler.

I have deployed the Flowable war files in the Webapps folder of Apache to work. Now I want to setup an email task in one of the process. Below are my queries,

  1. Where is the file or if it is from the UI where I can provide my email credentials in order to use an account to send the emails.

  2. Can I configure an email with a dummy gmail account and send mails from that account.

Here’s the relevant section of the docs

You can add an (or application.yml) to the libs folder of your Tomcat installation or update in webaps/[application]/WEB-INF/classes. In either case you’ll need to add the flowable.mail.server properties for your email setup.

Gmail can be kind of painful to setup for use as an SMTP server. It may be easier to use something like, but if you want to use GMail you’ll need to setup an app password

Hi Thanks for the response. I have tried the solution configured the below in the file under the Lib folder of the Apache.

# FlowableMailProperties

But unfortunately the email is not being sent. As per your suggestion, I am not using gmail and instead using my website’s domain email using the details I configured my outlook. Itried the credentails as well in case I made a mistake there. I also didn’t find anything useful in the Logs as well. (searched the Apache -> Logs). Anything I might be missing? Please let me know.

It looks like your missing the word server in each of your keys (, flowable.mail.server.port, etc)

Mine uses yaml and looks like this (I set up an app password):

      default-from: ****
      username: ****
      password: ****
      port: 587
      use-tls: true


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