Configure Mail server configuration for Email task programatically


I am new to flowable and I want to configure the SMTP server to the flowable engine so that I can send emails using “Mail task” in a flowable process. I want to load the mail properties programmatically from the database instead of passing them through the project’s application properties. How can I achieve this?.

Thank you in advance!

Hey @flowableUser42,

Currently the Flowable Mail task does not support programatic configuration of the properties that are currently configurable in the application properties.

If you are interested in such a functionality we are open to receiving and reviewing a PR for it.


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Hi User42,
As Filip says, this isn’t currently supported.
One option you have is to create your own email delegate service task which retrieves the mail server properties from a database.
You could even use the default MailActivityBehavior class as a model:
flowable-engine/ at main · flowable/flowable-engine · GitHub