Unable to see generic task in flowable-task with docker setup

When I use the flowable-engine/docker/modeler-task-idm-admin-postgres.sh script to setup Flowable on my Windows 10 workstation with Docker installed, I cannot see the details of a generic task after I create it. I can see an exception in the logs but I am not familiar enough with the implementation to troubleshoot. Can someone please tell me what is going wrong here and whether it is fixable via the Flowable applications?

My steps to reproduce are:

  1. Execute the flowable-engine/docker/modeler-task-idm-admin-postgres.sh script.

  2. Login to http://localhost:9999/flowable-task with admin/test credentials.

  3. Create a new task with name “Check the mail” and no description.

The task appears on the left side of the screen but on the right side I see “The task you are looking for cannot be found!”

The logs show the following exception occurs at the point when I create the task. I have only included the first few lines of the stack trace but I can include the full stack trace if that would be helpful.

flowable-task | 12:52:35,522 [http-nio-9999-exec-9] ERROR org.flowable.rest.exception.BaseExceptionHandlerAdvice - Unhandled exception
flowable-task | java.lang.NullPointerException
flowable-task | at org.flowable.app.service.runtime.FlowableAbstractTaskService.verifyCandidateGroups(FlowableAbstractTaskService.java:96)
flowable-task | at org.flowable.app.service.runtime.FlowableAbstractTaskService.fillPermissionInformation(FlowableAbstractTaskService.java:69)
flowable-task | at org.flowable.app.service.runtime.FlowableTaskService.getTask(FlowableTaskService.java:74)
flowable-task | at org.flowable.app.service.runtime.FlowableTaskService$$FastClassBySpringCGLIB$$bd3715f0.invoke()

With this same setup I have been able to create the “Vacation request app” described in the flowable docs. I can start processes, claim and complete tasks within the process etc… So as far as I can tell this is just an issue with generic tasks.

Indeed, that’s a bug. Fixed on master: https://github.com/flowable/flowable-engine/commit/f620af38ce1d37f20d45dd5f8defe87b8e842cbf

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