Kubernetes support / flowable-task container configuration issue

I see Kubernetes support is on the roadmap for 6.5.0. I’ve also be working on the same and wondered if we can pool our efforts?

The basic config I have so far is for postgres + flowable-rest + flowable-task (all official containers pulled from docker hub). I can deploy and instanciate processes without any trouble through the REST API and see the expected tasks also through the REST API.

However, I have no tasks visible through flowable-task. I am starting to think it is not recognising the environment variables and falling back to the embedded h2 database. Do you have any pointers?


My confusion over not seeing tasks in the UI and yet seeing them on command line came from using a tenant id on the command line and not in the UI. So mystery solved.

Regarding Kubernetes, what’s the plan? I have postgres + flowable-rest + flowable-idm + flowable-task working fine in Minikube and postgres + flowable-rest + flowable-idm on cloud. However when I connect to flowable-task it redirects correctly to flowable-idm but after logging in will not redirect correctly. I assume a configuration issue but I have tried setting the various environment variables but so far no success.

Any suggestions on how to debug?
With thanks

me too, flowable-idm login success but not redirect to flowable-modeler.