External Worker Task via REST api in Flowable-UI App

Dear Community,

i’m pretty new to flowable engine - my goal is to deploy a bpmn engine in our department to coordinate and automate tasks - i’ld like to stick to the default docker-builds of the engine/apps at the beginning for easier maintenance and implement service tasks outside of the bpmn engine.

I’m currently running a ui-keycloak-postgres v6.6 docker variant on my development system.

To automate tasks, the External Worker Task seems to be a good fit - i understand that it has been introduced recently - and after browsing the sources for a bit (not a java native though) i think the REST api for external worker tasks might not be exposed via the Flowable-UI App - but only from the flowable-rest-app via the /external-job-api/jobs endpoint.

Is this observation correct?

is there any information on how to integrate external workers via rest available?

Thanks for your feedback

Best Ulrich

to resolve this, i’m now starting a flowable-rest container along with the flowable-ui-app container (using the same postgresql database) to integrate the rest-based external worker … first tests seem to be successful.

Is there any problem expected with this setup?


No, if both apps (or better said: the engines behind the scenes) are pointing to the same database, that would work without problems.