User tasks in Task App

I am new to Flowable.
I am using Flowable 6.6.0
I have a spring boot application that runs Flowable engine on port 8181.
I have the Flowable-UI running on port 8282.
I configured the Rest in the admin UI, so I can see the deployment, instances, tasks etc.

I created a userTask.
I created a json.form file
(I can see the form in the UI here: http://localhost:8282/flowable-ui/admin/#/form-definitions.)

I linked the formKey to the userTask.

I can see the userTask in the admin UI (http://localhost:8282/flowable-ui/admin/#/task/e46a34b3-d746-11eb-b075-34f39ad36c83) but when I login to the Task App (http://localhost:8282/flowable-ui/workflow/#/tasks) I am not able to see any tasks nor any processes.

In the debugger, I see the rest request is issued to:

What am I missing?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Michel,

Is the task assigned to you?


Hi Martin,
Indeed, in the admin, I clicked on “assign/claim task”, assigned it to me. Then I log in to the task app, but does not see it…

As I said, I exposed REST from the engine (spring boot app).
The following request returns tasks:

But the Task app issues this query: http://localhost:8282/flowable-ui/app/rest/query/tasks
Is this correct?

Thanks again Martin.

I found the problem.
The flowable-ui.war that I run in standalone connects to the following h2 DB:


However the Flowable engine embedded in my spring boot application use by default a random in memory h2 db and not the same one as the webapp.
So I changed this so that it points to the same DB.

Hope it can help others.