Skipping subprocesses in a process

Hi all,

I am new to Flowable and BPMN engines in general, so my knowledge is limited. Currently one of my goals is to unit test a proces. Our processes include references to subprocesses via a callActivity node. I would like to skip these subprocesses when a process is being used for a test run. I know in activities there is an option to ‘skip the expression’ when the Skip expression’s value is set to true and the process has the variable: ‘_FLOWABLE_SKIP_EXPRESSION_ENABLED’ set to true. However, this option is (to my knowlegde) not available to a callActivity node.

Is there a way to skip certain nodes (by name for example…) in a process instance? I would like to hear your suggestions, best of regards Joas.

Unfortunately I was not able to find a ‘good’ solution, but due to the limited timeframe I need to deliver I have come up with a temporary solution. This involves parsing the process definition which will be used for the test run, if it contains a callActivity node, it will automatically replace this with a dummy userTask which has the Skip expression value set to true. The dummy process is then deployed, and deleted at the end of the test run.

Ugly solution but the best I could come up with.