The skipExpression support future

Hi, Flowable Experts,

Me and my team are looking into implementing some processes using Flowable BPM Engine and are wondering if there is a statement regarding the skipExpression feature in Flowable.
It is interesting, since it allows to skip a step in the process without modelling a conditional gateway.
However to us it looks something carried out from Activity and not mentioned in the documentation at all. Is this a feature we can use freely or we should stay away from it and model the behavior with a conditional gateway.

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Best Regards, Chavdar

I can’t speak to the skip expression functionality specifically, but IMO I would say from a design perspective that if skipping a process step has business meaning than it’s better to use a conditional gateway to express this functionality. The reason for this it gives more visibility to the decision steps a workflow process instance took, such when viewing a instance with the admin tool, then if the logic is buried within a skip expression or other mechanisms. The rule of thumb is for the workflow express to model the underlying business process including key decision steps.

Hey @chavdarbaykov,

What @jwashington is saying are best practices for how to use Flowable.

The skip expression feature is a special feature that is mostly tailored towards migrating old processes to Flowable or for executing some integration tests where you want to skip certain tasks.