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For the httptask in docs it is mentioned it supports skipExpression and few other stuffs. But they are not mentioned in docs.

When I try to add skipExpression on httptask i am unable to add it. Whats the difference between these two docs? Does HttpTask really support skipexpression or not?

Probably to do with the version of Flowable, the second link is of 3.2.0 and the first link is 6.4.2.


The documentation on is for the commercial product. While the commercial product leverages the open source engine, there are many enhancements to the engine and commercial users get a much more robust modeler. Looking at the OSS source it appears that skipExpression is part of service task (the HTTP task is a service task), but it appears that the OSS modeler does not give you the option to set it.

You could attempt to add it by manually editing the XML before deploying it it. You might open and issue over on the Github


Thanks @wwitt I did try editing the XML but looks like skipExpression is not a part of the HTTPtask at all.
It does not allow me to create with edited process definition. I am wondering will that be a part of enterprise edition?

If you look here: the first few files in this directory show examples of skipExpression in a ServiceTask. The corresponding Java test files are here. As notted by @wwitt, a HTTP task is a service task.

Hope this helps.

Looking at the HttpActivityBehaviorImpl the skip expression is not supported for HTTP Task. This functionality comes from OSS so there is no difference for this between the commercial product and OSS.

FYI: support for skipExpressions on the http task was added here by @wwitt

Maybe skipExpression needs to be enabled, in the file

ServiceTaskExpressionActivityBehavior there is this code :

        boolean isSkipExpressionEnabled = SkipExpressionUtil.isSkipExpressionEnabled(skipExpressionText, serviceTaskId, execution, commandContext);
        if (!isSkipExpressionEnabled || !SkipExpressionUtil.shouldSkipFlowElement(skipExpressionText, serviceTaskId, execution, commandContext)) {

SkipExpression was not implemented in in Http Tasks. If you’re using a snapshot, you both need to set a skipExpression and set either “_ACTIVITI_SKIP_EXPRESSION_ENABLED” or “_FLOWABLE_SKIP_EXPRESSION_ENABLED” to true in the process.