Skip some nodes execution

While journey is at a particular node, skip some of the succeeding nodes in the flow and directly jump the flow of execution to another node

This is possible by using a ‘skip expression’, see an example here:

Which can be set using skipExpression="${execution.getVariable(‘someVariable’)}" on for example a user task.

Hello joram, i am trying to set the skip expression in flowable modeler ui.
My scenario, i have a variable “MODE” which has some value. Now when i reach the particular service task, i would like to check this variable “MODE” and see if it is equating to a some string, i.e in the skip expression attribute of the service task i would give the expression as:
${MODE == “simulation”}
Additionally, according to the documentation, i have also set the process variable
_ACTIVITI_SKIP_EXPRESSION_ENABLED to boolean value “true”.
How-ever, i tried executing the process, but the service task gets executed as before without a skip expression, where-as with this definition of skip expression defined in the flowable modeler ui for a service task, i would have expected the service task to be skipped.

Could you kindly let me know where am i going wrong here ? (answer preferably from flowable modeler ui perspecive please).

What kind of service task are you using? A default one or one with a class/expression/something else?

@joram , I have the same problem. I set execution.setVariable(“_FLOWABLE_SKIP_EXPRESSION_ENABLED”, true); and the serviceTask is not getting skipped even if I write flowable:skipExpression=“${1==1}”. Did I do something wrong ?