How to handle sub processes in flowable

I am currently working on a complex workflow application which I want to make use of flowable. My bpmn workflow contains some sub process, I need help in calling these sub process without break the flow of the application

Hi mikado.

check org.activiti.examples.bpmn.callactivity.CallActivityTest in source. There are plenty of usage examples.


thanks @martin.grofcik. this is a good start. though I would really prefer a full blown example on its usage. I tried to trace the bpmn files used in the example but could not.

Hi mikado,

What is the issue with tracing bpmn files?
Did you find e.g. org/activiti/examples/bpmn/callactivity/orderProcess.bpmn20.xml


Yeah, I just did, I was searching the source on github before, but I have found it in source that I downloaded. Just a quick question: what is the different between CallActivity and Subprocess packages in flowable.

CallActivity calls process definition which is independent from currently running process definition. e.g. when you upgrade one - another one can be kept untouched.

SubProcess - subprocess is tighten to the parent process model. If you deploy one another one is deployed too.
For more info read doc. (or have a look on process model examples)

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