Sending mail to dynamic user and on create task unable to perform process

  1. when sending mail to user (using mail task), the TO field; can it be configured as dynamic assignee for the task from UI.
  2. after we publish the app, we can see there is something as create task with assignee field, after I assigned it to other user, even myself in my task column I get the task which I assigned but I am not able to perform any process, It shows only complete option.

  1. That would need to be modeling in your process model: the to needs to be an expression ${myVariable} that references an existing variable.

  2. Not sure if I understand what you’ve written. Can you elaborate which steps you’re doing? And share the model?

Hi Joram,

  1. incase of process initiator what will be the variable here?
  2. no basically I want to understand functionality of create task, is it only limited to manual task?
  1. That would be up to how you have configured it … the initiator variable is a value that you can configure
  2. It’s limited to what is called a ‘user task’ in BPMN - only those show up in the task list.
  1. ok, from UI what is the variable name, is it ${INITATOR}?
  2. if I go to task and create a Task for someone, so it is a kind of manual task which he can only complete, right? for an example I create a task called “Give survey on portal”, and assign it to suppose Lyan, so in Lyan Task he can see a task “Give survey on portal”, which he can only complete, right.

but in process definition we can associate a form in the task assigned to Lyan, right?