Mail Task configuration in flowable modeler

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I’m new in flowable
How can I call an email of existing users in (flowable-idm) in “To” parameter ?(Dynamic email not a static email)
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You will need to put the user information in a process variable (e.g. user). Then you can reference it later via ${} for example.

thank you for relaying
How to put user in process variable ?

We use the following expression to get the initiator’s email address for the to address where initiator is a process variable that contains the user id to look up. Note that initiator is something that we set so adapt accordingly.


I’m interested in whether there may be a better way, but this works for us.

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thanks , I had tried this solution but it didn’t find the identifier of the user

“roua” is the id of the user

If your expression is:


you may need to put quotes around roua so it’s not evaluated as a property


it solved :slight_smile:
thank u

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