Email task recipient dynamically defined

Dear all,

I am a beginner in flowable. I am trying to create an email task where the email address of the recipient “to” would be dynamically defined, selecting a “user name” within the IDM in a user task.

To be more clear:

-In my user task, I put in a variable “employee” a user name from the IDM
-In my email task, in the “to” I put something like {$} to obtain the email related to the user name stored in “employee”.

Do you think it is possible to do something like that ?

Thank you in advance for you help.


the expression


is evaluated to email (e.g. “”) only when employee is a structure which contains email property. That’s why you have store a user into variable (I would not recommend it) or provide a service which will obtain email for given userId in the expression.


Hi Martin,

Thank you for your answer. I used the script here : How to access to user information in script Task - #3 by boneill and I adapted it to get the email associated to the ID.

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