Process life cycle

I’m trying to integrate flowable workflow with my spring boot Back-End,
I’d like to know about the process life cycle and how it connect to the bpmn.20.xml file,
also i want to know how to assign a task to specific person or group id, and how i know the current step of the process.
If there’s a documentation for methods that i can use that’s will be great
Thanks in advance

Have you taken a look into the “Getting Started - Building a command line application” ? It helped me a lot to understand the basic concepts to use in the flowable java api.
If you need help into a more specific topic, I think it would help if you explained a bit more about it, as your questions look a bit vague to me.

Hello Inakihn,
thank you for your reply, actually i got a problem that the TaskService never find any task


i want to know how to see all the task, and in which step the process, also if there’s other information about the process

If you do directly taskService.createTaskQuery().list() This should return all active tasks.

Also: ProcessInstance startProcessInstanceByKey(String processDefinitionKey, Map<String, Object> variables); returns the actual created process instance,

With the id of the processInstance created, you could query for its variables, using
Map<String, Object> getVariables(String executionId); So you know that the process was created correctly.

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In fact i debug the code, i have 2 task in my bpmn file as show in the screenshot
one assign to candidateGroupe “manager” the other assign to user
and when i try to list all the task it give me just the first and most fields “null”

Correct, but the first user task is the only active one. The second user task is not yet reached by the process instance. When you complete the first user task, the process instance will continue and then reach the second user task.

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