Multi-tenancy support for Flowable Modeler app


I’m trying to embed flowable in a single-engine shared-schema multi-tenancy model. It turns out that the only real piece missing is multi-tenancy support in the BPMN Modeler war application.

The use-case I’m considering is multiple deployments of the same BPMN model with the uniqueness being on processDefinitionKey+tenantId. This will allow each tenant to create/update their models themselves. Also, an admin could potentially update a BPMN model and publish a new version for specific (or perhaps all) tenants.

However, there is currently no tenantId option in the modeler app when publishing a model. I’m already trying to add support for this in my fork, but I’m not very familiar with flowable internals so it might be an uphill task.

Are there any plans/work underway that would add support for this? If not, does this seem like a reasonable ask for a new feature?

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Yes true, the Flowable Modeler doesn’t have tenant support currently. There’s no short term plan to have tenant support in it. If there are more requests for this feature from other people that always helps to increase the priority.

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@tijs Thanks for your reply!

I have successfully added support for setting tenantId in the modeler web app. However, I have made the changes on 6.2.1 as of now and haven’t been able to test with the current version/snapshot.

Can I create a PR now so it can get an early review and/or assistance in porting the changes to the current version? Or, should I create it only after I’ve confirmed my changes work on the latest?


Hi Anurag,

Ok sounds good. Creating a PR would probably be the next step indeed, then we can discuss it more detail then.