Are the designer/task webapps multi tenant enabled?

I read in a few posts tenancy seems to be operational but it’s not clear at which level.

Is it possible to set tenant for users so they only see:

  • in the modeler webapp: processes related to their tenant
  • in the task webapp: tasks and processes related to their tenant

Is it available out of the box? Does it need to update the database? Add a column?



Any ideas about this question?



Multi tenancy is mainly well supported on the engine and API level.

The modeler app however can be configured to support multi tenancy. Out of the box you have to configure a specific tenant_id for the modeler app, which means you need to deploy an instance per tenant in that scheme.

This was the pull request:

You set the property in the application properties:

If you are willing to modify the modeler code you can create your own implementation of the interface to determine the tenant id. (For me I have my own distribution of the app that uses keycloak for user authentication and authorization and built my own tenant provider accordingly)

To the best of my knowledge the task app does not yet support multi tenancy out of the box. At some point I saw that tenant_id has been added as a column to the user table in the idm app, so I expect some contribution could be made there to pull that into the modeler and task apps, or maybe they have it in the pipeline…