Multi Tenant Multi Schema with Shared Engine and supporting UIs

My team is trying to implement a multi schema with shared engine approach which we have up and running.

For the other UIs (admin, task, idm, modeler) we appear to be limited to a multi tenant single schema configuration.

For instance, in flowable-admin the user can see and manage all processes across all tenants. They can filter on tenant id which is a great capability for our support staff. Although, how does this work if we go with a multi schema based approach? Is there a tenant database configuration in flowable-admin that I am missing?

A similar question exists for flowable-task. If the user for tenantA logs into flowable-task how does it know which database connection to use? Would I have to run an instance of the UIs for every tenant schema that I want to run?

I am sure I am missing something really basic :slight_smile:

Hey @thowell,

The UI applications are not build for Multi Tenant Multi Schema with Shared Engine support.

Currently yes you will need to run an instance for every tenant you want to run on.

We are however open for contributions from the community for adding such support.


Thanks @filiphr! We were more concerned about verifying our research. Clarifying in the blog posts or through documentation would be a great help. We may post an article once we get complete with our project on our use of multi tenancy.