Database schema for flowable apps

Flowable has the multiple application - modeler, task, rest, admin and idm.

Is there any guideline for creating schema for all apps? Should they share common schema or they should have their own individual schema?

What is the best approach?

How it will affect multi tenancy ( Share engine/ Multi Schema) . When we say multi schema, which app should have tenant specific schema?

As from Flowable multi tenancy for all apps, only engines are multi tenant enabled(whiich is part of flowable-task and flowable-rest)

Correct, the UI apps are not multi-tenant enabled.

rest and task should point to the same datasource if you want to have them work on the same data. All the rest can be in another schema.

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@joram is there any ability to send tenantId along request from flowable-admin / other ui apps? Or when you say it is “not multi-tenant enabled” - it has not been implemented at all?



There is this PR open (will be worked on soon to get merged) which adds some tenancy capabilities, but right now the UI apps are not multi-tenant.