How to setup a persistent datastore and multi-tenancy with designer/modeler

A bit of a noob question. Going through the documentation i see in section 3.1 it states that it is a configuration option to change to a persistent datastore. I would like to do this for the designer/modeler that is part of war file deployment. The documentation says to change the configuration…just need to know where/what to chagne?

On a second note, I would also like to use the designer/modeler in a multi-tenant implementation. Is this doable? I see from here it is:
I just want to be able to do so from the modeler UI.

BTW…i am fine with reading up on this. If someone can point me in the right direction. I have searched…but no luck to these two questions.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi Mat,

The Flowable Modeler currently doesn’t support a multi tenant setup. It could easily be added by adding a tenant column, but now every user has access to all models in the database. Of course you could also have different databases per tenant.

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So i figured out the changing of Flowable Modeler (all war files) to use postgresql…good there.

Now working on multi-tenancy. I see there are a couple options. Ultimately, I don’t want to modify the UI to work with different schemas based on which of our customers; however, i will if needed.

Any thoughts is appreciated.

Thanks Tijs.

I appreciate your feedback.

Different database per tenant will work. Would this be a separate deployment of flowable for each customer? Could i have a single setup of Flowable where each customer has its own database. I prefer that. What are your thoughts on implementing this?

Yes that would mean a separate deployment of the Flowable Modeler for each customer. But adding a tenant column in the Modeler might make sense as well, and it’s probably the easiest solution.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

If I setup a different instance for each customer, should i do this for all of the war files (e.g. idm, tasks, etc) ? I would think so…just checking.

If i add a separate column for the modeler, what about the other war files? It would be nice to be able to tie it to a user/group so that the user would only see those models, tasks, etc. that belong to their organization based on who they login as.

My thoughts on this might change as I get to know the overall application architecture better and work with it more, but wanted to get your take on it.

Thanks again for your time,