How to add condition expression for sequenceFlow?

Dear all,

Follow section 2.3.2 from the Flowable Doc:, I draw a BPMN in Flowble Designer (in Eclipse Oxygen within a Linux Mint).

I open the BPMN as plain text (well, XML). I notice that the sequenceFlow does not have conditionExpression. I find out if I open the BPMN as Flowable diagram, there is no way to specify condition for sequence flow.

Any way to do it via UI?

(Following the doc, beside this conditionExpression problem, what about the serviceTask? In section 2.3.2, the serviceTask has flowable:class. How to specify in Designer?)

On running flowable-modeler, by selecting arrows in the flow diagram and check ‘flow condition’ property value in designer.

and for another question, you need to give full package name in service task and make sure that class with in .jar is available to identify by flowable-modeler.

:roll_eyes: I am using the Flowable Designer right within Eclipse Oxygen (in a Linux Mint). Where is the so called ‘flowable-modeler’?

I click the arrow (sequenceFlow). I left click it one more time, nothing happens. If I right click, I get the following:

Hi kf.wong, Check the properties window, you will have flow condition field.

sample condition examples:
actionType is one of the process variable
{actionType == "Approve"} {actionType == “Proceed”}


:sweat_smile: Ah. The ‘Properties’ window…
Sorry I am totally new to Java/Eclipse, I find where that ‘Properties’ window is (at Windows -> Show View -> Others -> General (folder) -> Properties).

As for my other class, I am still trying the example from section 2.3.2. At this point of time, I think I may be able to get it on my own. If I don’t have further reply, that means I can get on my own. Thanks for your help.