Flowable Modeler Documentation


I´m just starting to use Flowable and I´ve been searching for the docs to use the Modeler, but I can´t find it anywhere. I´d like to know more about scripts, for example, how to set the condition in the exclusive gateway path based on an outcome or a variable set in a previews form? What does each option in the task property mean? How to use, or configure them? How to call a web service using the service task? So, kind of basic questions, but as I can´t find the proper documentation, I can´t figure them out.



There’s a tutorial that includes forms and flow conditions here: https://paulhh.wordpress.com/2017/01/31/flowable-6-instant-gratification/


Thank you very much Paul for the fast reply! That’s what I needed to get started!

Now, is there anything more advanced, specially explaining scripts and the service task?

Thanks again!


I think that you are looking for this from our documentation. It explains all the BPMN and custom tasks that are there in Flowable.


Thanks for the link, filiphr, but that’s not quite what I’m looking for. You see, I’ve read all that documentation already, and understood all the capabilities, but the examples are given in xml, which I don’t have a problem understanding. The problem is that I don’t see a way to edit the xml in the modeler. Besides, as the modeler is very easy to use and complete, I’m willing to give this to the end user so they can design their own models. So, I’d need to understand how to use the modeler more deeply.


So, can you guys help me with two things that I couldn’t figure out? The first one is how to evaluate a custom outcome? I have created two custom outcomes in a form, Approved and Need Revision. How can I check these outcomes in a exclusive gateway?

The other question is about the Servie Task, more specific calling a web service. I’ve read the documentation, but as I said, it just shows the xml, and I wanted to configure the Service Task using the Modeler. Is it possible? Can you point me to a tutorial or documentation?

Thanks a lot.


To work with a form outcome you need to know how the outcome (i.e. the button click) maps to a process variable. The convention for the variable name is "form-<form-identifier>-outcome" where the value of this variable will be the name of the outcome. For example if your form has an id of myForm and you have an outcome called “Accept” you would make the following check in a flow condition:
${form_myForm_outcome == "Accept"}

Docs on how form outcomes map to variables can be found here:


To check for an outcome you don’t do anything in the exclusive gateway widget. Instead you add a flow condition to the sequence flows that come out of the gateway (the arrowed lines). Then you edit the Flow condition. These take the form ${<condition logic here>}.

For info on the service tasks I have found the XML docs in the BPMN docs largely map to the labels names for the task widget properties. If in doubt you can try filling in the attributes as you think they map to the XML then preview the diagram. From there you can download to XML using the export button (to the left of the Visual Editor button) and see which XML attributes were populated by your change.

Having said all of the above, a user guide for the modeller would be nice :wink:


Perfect Christian!

I don’t have problems with the BPMN, but how Flowable implements it. But you nailed it! I just didn’t know how to access the variable! Thanks a lot!

Now, in regards to Web Services and the Service Task, this is what the docs says:

“To use a Web service we need to import its operations and complex types. This can be done automatically by using the import tag pointing to the WSDL of the Web service:”

And here the problems start. Where can I set it on the Modeler? I have looked for it, but I can’t find it. You see, I’m used to other tools where I just input a WSDL (it can be the file itself or a web adress) and it extracts all the endpoints and messages. Besides, in other tools we have a visual tool to map the variables from the service to the local variables. I don’t mind doing it mannualy (I mean, not visually), but I wanted to know where I can do it. If someone can point me to the right directions, maybe an example, I´d really appreciate it.

Besides, as you said, a user guide would be awesome!

Thanks again!

With a Web Service Task the modeller doesn’t appear to support that task type. I had a go at importing an XML diagram with the tags specified in the BPMN Guide, but when I imported the model the extra elements etc seem to have been removed (when I exported and took a look at the XML). Perhaps @PHH can help out?